Dr. Whit Roberts, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Roberts is uniquely qualified as a noted authority on unique alternative solutions for chronic illness. He has devoted his career to learning how to effectively unleash the innate healing powers of the body.  With his understanding of and respect for the innate intelligence of the body and the errors and confusion that block that intelligence, he has perfected his protocols for restoring optimal health.


Dr. Roberts is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician specializing in helping people with a wide range of chronic diseases. Raised in Dallas, Texas,  he is a graduate of Brigham Young University, and Parker College of Chiropractic. His bachelor’s of science degree was in Exercise Science and Physiology. He has been involved in the health care arena for 24 years and as continued his studies in various fields. He studied Neurology at the University of San Fransisco and through Logan College in Missouri. He has been a lifetime student of nutrition and exercise. He holds certification in several specialties.

Dr. Roberts has practiced health care in many settings. He opened and practiced in his own very successful private practice for many years. In 2001 he was the co-founder of a multi-disciplinary clinic that combined the best of ancient wisdom, modern alternative therapies and western medicine. This multi-million dollar clinic employed over 10 different physicians and alternative health care practitioners.


His Mission

is to provide hope to the chronically ill. He believes that knowledge of the underpinnings of true health engenders that hope. He believes that access to appropriate vehicles of change and healing sustain that hope. He further believes that maintaining one’s health independently and free from the negative aspects of the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries provides lasting hope.